Warzone Season 5 Week 2 Intel: Old Wounds Intel Mission Guide And Locations

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After an epic cliffhanger and long wait from the first Season 5 intel mission, the second one has now gone live in Warzone.

Players will be completing the 'Old Wounds' Intel Mission to discover how Zakhaev has been staying hidden.

This mission will ultimately lead us to Frank Woods for the Black Ops Cold War reveal.


Old Wounds Intel Mission Guide

There are six intel locations this week, distributed in various locations around Verdansk; this week they are all at Prison.

You can complete one mission per match and it can be complete in both Battle Royale and Plunder.

Intel 1 - Ghost Coin (rewards 2,500 XP)

Find the location in the message Ghost sent you.

The intel will show you the location of where the Golden coin is located if you view it on the main Warzone menu by pressing Y.

A golden coin can be found sitting on a desk, next to a computer, in the control room of Prison. The Control Room is located at the very top of the Underground-Prison and will require you to climb all the way up.

Intel 2 - Paper Code (rewards 5,000 XP)


A hidden code was found in the prison...

The intel is of a hidden code that needs to be deciphered.

Head down to the B level and to a prison cell that faces out to the South West of the map - the intel is in the sink.

Intel 3 - Paper Code (rewards 5,000 XP)


Follow the trail left by ARM 3-1...

The intel will ask you to head to Shower Block 2. It will be a familiar setting as its a replica of the Gulag and the Intel is located above the main showers area.

Head up to where you would normally wait to enter the Gulag and in one of the small prison cells, facing the North, is the intel - it is located in the toilet.

Intel 4 - Books (rewards 5,000 XP)


Zakhaev was using an office in the prison...

The next intel is located in the office near the top of the Prison. Head up to the Wooden scaffolding/steps.

Head up the steps and right into the back office and the intel is located on the desk.

Intel 5 - Chest (rewards 5,000 XP)


ARM 3-1 moved locations...

The intel will tell you that nuclear materials have been moved underground and that a prisoner has been left in cell A3.

Head to block A, prison cell 3 in the underground area and you'll spot a Chest on the left as you enter. Pick up the intel here to finish the Intel Missions.

Intel 6 - Backpack (rewards 5,000 XP)


Something was stashed in the denied area...

The new intel will pop up with a sketched map saying "I will not die a traitor", it's believed to be Frank Woods.

The location takes you to the North-East corner of the map (I4 on the grid) and a backpack is located on a rock outside of the playable boundaries. If you get to the corner of the boundaries, you'll see a rock right in front of you and it's possible to spring to it and back before you die.

The Black Ops Cold War reveal is on the 26th August at 6.30pm BST.