Warzone Rumble: Strategy Guide - Rumble Tips And Tricks To Ranking Up Fast

Season 4 of Warzone is in full swing and the battle royale keeps going from strength to strength, with Infinity Ward constantly adding new limited-time modes to offer something different alongside solos, duos, trios, and quads playlists.

In the latest edition of This Week in Call of Duty, Rumble has returned to Warzone and consists of 50v50 pandemonium using various sections of Verdansk.

In this guide, here are five tips and tricks that will help you get the upper hand over the opposition in this fun take on battle royale.

1) Choose The Right Loadout

Warzone Rumble best loadouts
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Selecting the right loadout for Rumble is key in order to yield success for you and the team. There are plenty of areas of Verdansk which are perfectly suited to long-range weaponry such as sniper rifles but there are many areas where a sniper doesn’t cut the mustard.

Go for a class equipped with Overkill in order to be effective in all situations. We recommend using the HDR combined with the M4A1.

2) Control The Spawns

Warzone Rumble Guide
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It can be very easy to run straight into the opposition directly ahead of you but more often than not, it doesn’t always end well and you will be respawning over and over.

With most of the action taking place in the central areas of the map, holding down the outer edges near the enemy spawn can be the perfect way to secure some easy kills on some unsuspecting enemies.

3) Always Check The Map

Warzone Rumble Map
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In Warzone Rumble, the maps are always massive circular areas and it can be tricky to determine your location in relation to the enemy spawn.

Don’t forget to press the pause button to get a complete view of the map and how close you are to your teammates and potentially some trouble.

4) Pop The Parachute ASAP

Warzone Rumble Tips and Tricks
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Deploying the parachute as soon as possible gives you plenty of time to glide around the skies of Verdansk, enabling you to survey the scene before you eventually reach the ground.

Use this time wisely to decide the best position to land, whether that is in a safe spot to pick off enemies from afar or drop straight into the action.

5) Make The Most Of Vehicles

Warzone Rumble Vehicles
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Vehicles such as the ATV can often be found at the spawn of your team and are a great way to traverse the map quickly. Given how fast the ATVs can navigate the map, they can often be very effective weapons against the enemy.

The vehicles are most effective in open areas. If you attempt to negotiate some rough terrain or some dense forest and it could be curtains for you…


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