Modern Warfare And Warzone Weekly Update: 13th July - Party Mode, Skins, and Blueprints

A new weekly briefing update is here for July 13th and there's plenty to cover.

This weeks content update features Party Mode, skins, new weapons and bundles.

Season 4 has been great so far and it looks like there's a lot more great stuff coming our way.

Party Mode

The Party Mode mosh pit will be available for players to get a dose of some of their favourite modes.

This will include access to One in the Chamber,Gun Game Reloaded and All or Nothing.

Access to the fan-favourite modes will is sure to keep players entertained and happy.

Get a party of friends together and see who can take the top spot in these modes.

'Hydra Slayer' Bundle

The 'Hydra Slayer' bundle includes two highly accurate weapons with great stability and clear sights downrange.

The two weapons are the Soul of the Beast assault rifle and the Spirit of the Beast SMG.

The weapons are legendary blueprints kitted for success in the medium to longer than average distances.

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Courtesy of Activision


Syd is receiving a new rogue themed bundle, including a skin and a blueprint for the assault rifle.

The bundle also includes a watch, vehicle skin for the Cargo Truck, a calling card, and emblem.

More bundles means more choice which is always a good thing.

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Courtesy of Activision

Gunfight Tournaments

There is still another week of Gunfight Tournaments so players still have the chance to make it out the bracket and earn top rewards.

Team up with a friend and find a strategy to take rounds and get some wins under your belt.

Don't miss out the rewards, give the tournaments a go.

24/7 Playlist Update

This week’s 24/7 playlist update is a community favourite and the newest map on the block: 8v8 Cheshire Park + Shoot House 24/7.

Warzone Rumble and Plunder Trios will also be available this weekend.

For full details, check out Activision's Weekly Briefing here.

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