Warzone Season 4: Reddit Claims That Every Lobby Has At Least One Hacker

Warzone is over half-way through Season 4 and despite Infinity Ward taking measures to reduce the number of cheaters, one Redditor has claimed that there are "always 3-4 squads" cheating.

In a Battle Royale game, cheating is extremely notorious and can be very harmful to the health of a game.

But just how much cheating goes on in Warzone?

Warzone Cheating

u/Questioned_Kadavr conducted some research in which they purchased a 24 hours cheat for Warzone.

For $12 they had access to all the cheats imaginable, but to keep things as fair as possible they disable a large majority of them (mainly using wallhacks) and would kill themselves in-game to prevent them from winning unfairly.

After a 7 hour period of playing Trios, they claim to have discovered a hacker in every single game.

In a Reddit post, they claimed: "there was ALWAYS 3-4 squads with at LEAST 1 guy using walls."

They noticed that the pattern behaviour was very indicative of those that were cheating:

"In EVERY SINGLE MATCH we would watch people through walls as they watched us, we would gulag friend crouch a couple times and they would as well."


"We learned that by the end of circle 4 80% of the squads remaining have a hacker in every single game we played."

What was most worrying is that it's very easy to play down the fact you are a cheater.

"No-one we killed yelled hacker or assumed. Pop a UAV before a fight and everyone assumes you're legit."

Unfortunately for Infinity Ward, they've lost two more players who are claiming to be done with Warzone until COD 2020 launches on the PS5.

It's important to stress this is majorly on PC, with consoles enabling the ability to turn cross-play off and avoid these types of hackers.

Without anti-cheat software in place, cheating is becoming extremely rife on PC. While it's far better than it used to be, it's still a long way from perfect. Could Season 5 help to crack down on this problem?

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