MW2 Campaign Remastered Timeline: When Do The Events Of Modern Warfare 2 Occur?

With the release of MW2 Campaign Remastered, many players may be interested in the timeline of which events occur and unfold.

Modern Warfare 2's campaign is not overly complicated to understand, here's how it pans out.

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!

MW2 Campaign Remastered Timeline

August 10th 2016

  • S.S.D.D.
  • Team Player

August 11th 2016

  • Cliffhanger

August 12th 2016

  • No Russian

August 13th 2016

  • The Hornet's Nest
  • Takedown
  • Exodus
  • Wolverines!


August 14th 2016

  • The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday
  • Whiskey Hotel
  • Second Sun
  • The Gulag
  • Of Their Own Accord
  • Contingency

August 15th 2016

  • Loose Ends
  • The Enemy Of My Enemy

August 16th 2016

  • Just Like Old Times
  • Endgame
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