Modern Warfare and Warzone: Butterfly Knife Melee Weapon Coming Soon

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Patch 1.29 for Modern Warfare and Warzone has gone live on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

The latest update for both titles has bought in a wave of changes including the addition of Warzone Private Matches and several bug fixes to improve the playing experience.


The update bought Sargent Griggs as the latest Operator to the games, but there were no new weapons added as Warzone prepares for Black Ops Cold War to begin integration.

For those wanting some new items, you may just be in luck!

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According to Reed Shingledecker, Lead Multiplayer VFX Artist at Infinity Ward, a brand-new melee weapon is arriving to Modern Warfare and Warzone in the not too distant future.


In a Twitter post, he says that the Butterfly Knife is included in Patch 1.29 and will be available for players at a later date.

It's in the update but won't be out this week. Soon though!
— Reed S. (@fx_reed)
November 10, 2020

With the release of Black Ops Cold War on November 13th, it is unclear as to when the knife will be added into the game.


Like other weapons, it may be added without any form of announcement so keep your eyes peeled!

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Melee weapons in Modern Warfare and Warzone have often been a hot topic for debate. When the Kali Sticks were first added in Season 4, many players utilised their immense mobility to beat down opponents with ease.

Some went a step further and equipped the sticks on their Warzone class.


After players deemed them to be overpowered, Infinity Ward intervened and bought them in line with other melee weapons.

The Butterfly Knife may be the last weapon to be added to Modern Warfare before the release of Black Ops Cold War.

After some confusion, the entire weapon arsenal from Black Ops Cold War will be added into Warzone on December 10th, coinciding with the start of Season One.