Modern Warfare Season 5: How To Get Free Skins and COD Points

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Modern Warfare Season 3 is here and yet again there's plenty to earn within the battle pass.

Of course, even if you don't pick it up you'll be able to earn freebies as part of the base version. This version offers the Renetti handgun for players, as well as the SKS rifle.

Modern Warfare Season 3: Free Skins and COD Points Guide



While there's a boatload of new skins available as part of the paid Battle Pass, there are no skins available as part of the free version. That means you'll have to open your wallet if you want some new Operators to pick from.

COD Points

If you're looking to earn COD Points, the game's premium currency, you can earn 300 just through the free Battle Pass.

If you do end up splashing out on the paid version, you can earn 1300 COD Points – enough to buy the next battle pass and then some.