Modern Warfare Season 5: How To Rank Up Your Battle Pass FAST

Modern Warfare's Season 5 will give players a brand new battle pass and you'll want to rank up your Battle Pass as fast as possible in order to unlock the new rewards.

The trouble is, it can take some time to grind through one hundred tiers of content, but we’ve got some tips that should help things feel a little more manageable.

Standard Multiplayer

The new Ground War mode might be the mode you’ll gravitate to simply for the amount of carnage to take advantage of, but standard multiplayer actually offers better XP payouts for the most part.

Matches are shorter, meaning much of the daily challenges like “complete two matches” are much easier to tick off.

Challenges, Challenges And More Challenges

Modern Warfare offers plenty of challenges with varying rewards, with everything from attachments to camouflage available.

Many of these offer buckets of XP, so ticking these off will help you climb those tiers quickly.

You can find all of these challenges in the barracks.

Missions and Trials

As of Season 2, there are four bite-sized missions called Trials that have been added.

Each offers a flat rate of XP that can help boost your battle pass level – if you get three stars. If you’re less confident, missions might be handier.

That’s because there are now missions that can be completed in the game’s Spec-Ops mode where you can work together with comrades.

To Boost Or Not To Boost

Throughout the Battle Pass, Modern Warfare doles out plenty of boosts to overall XP and weapon XP, but these don’t actually do anything for your Battle Pass rank.

That’s a shame, but perhaps not unexpected – Activision wants to keep you playing for as long as possible.

Don’t worry though, those boosts are still useful as you can use them to unlock fresh equipment to help you complete other challenges that do add Battle Pass ranks.

Battle Pass Bundle

If you weren't aware you can also purchase the Battle Pass Bundle which grants you 20 tier skips immediately!

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