Modern Warfare Season 2: Trials, Missions And Officer Challenges

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2 is finally here, and that means a new operator, new game modes, and a new battle pass.

New trials, mission and officer challenges will arrive with the new season - let's take a look at what they will involve.


Trials And Missions

If you’re looking to jump into the fresh battle pass, Infinity Ward offers fresh ways to earn ranks as part of trials and missions.

First up are Trials, which are “solo ventures where players can earn a star ranking” which nets you XP, and there are four new ones as of today.



Quad Race

Finish a racing course on an ATV/Quad Bike with star ratings doled out for the best times alongside new rewards.

Fire in the Hole

Billed as an explosive version of Cornhole, practice your frag grenade skills by hitting targets within a time limit.


Price’s Alley

A shooting course with a mix of enemies and civilians, Price’s Alley will ensure you need to be absolutely certain before pulling the trigger.


Behind Enemy Lines


A nice easy one, simply kill all enemies in the area as quickly as possible to earn those stars.

Missions return from Season 1, meaning there are fresh challenges to face as you earn extra XP towards your Battle Pass.

This time around, you can level up in Co-Op play since Spec Ops missions have been added as well as Operator missions.

That means you can get some sweet loot for Ghost and crew by completing set missions for those characters.


Officer Challenges

We'll update this page once we know what Officer Challenges are available within Season 2.