Modern Warfare Season 2: Battle Pass Price And NEW Bundles

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 is here and that means there's a brand new Battle Pass to jump into.

But despite the fact that there is a lot of free content, there is a price attached to get all of the content available.

So how much will Season 2 cost? Here are the details.

How Much Is The Modern Warfare Season 2 Pass?

The Modern Warfare Season 2 Battle Pass will set you back 1000 CoD Points, which works out at around £8 in GBP.

You can pick up a bundle that lets you skip 20 tiers for 2400 CoD points, too. That is, of course, if you choose to invest.

All players get the game’s new maps, modes, weapons and more, but you’ll need the premium version of the Battle Pass to grab a huge amount of cosmetics and fresh unlocks for your characters.

When Do I Need To Pay Again?

The pass will last you for the entirety of Season 2, but if you reach the end of the pass you’ll end up with 1300 CoD Points back.

That means you can more than afford the next pass, meaning you could theoretically never buy a Battle Pass again after this first purchase.


What If I Don’t Have The Game Yet?


If you’ve not jumped into Modern Warfare yet, there are plenty of reasons to do so. With a fantastic campaign, addictive multiplayer and a fresh new version of Spec-Ops, there’s plenty to do.

Infinity Ward is now offering a Battle Pass Edition of the game that comes with the full game, 3000 Call of Duty points, in-game weapons and three operators for £85.

Check it out in the image below.