Modern Warfare Season 2: Captain Price Operator Coming?

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The Modern Warfare's Season 2  has arrived and it's given us so much juicy content all at once!

Simon “Ghost” Riley makes his debut in the multiplayer, as part of the Battle Pass. But he may have been sending us a hidden message about who's joining him!


So who else could we be seeing recruited as an Operator for the Modern Warfare multiplayer?

New Confirmed Operators 

According to the recently released Roadmap, we can expect two new operators later on into Season 2, Talon and Mace.



Who Could Eventually Join Ghost As An Operator?

Captain Price

In the Season 2 trailer, Ghost is in conversation with the legendary Captain Price and honestly, we’re surprised he’s not part of the game’s roster of operators already – especially since he’s seen to be building a task force at the end of the campaign.

Victor Zakhaev


The son of “big bad’ Zakhaev from the original Modern Warfare, could we see a fresh villain added to the game? Referenced as being after Barkov’s throne, we reckon the baddies deserve a fresh face in multiplayer.


Soap MacTavish and Gaz

The protagonist of much of the first Modern Warfare game, Soap is referenced in the dossiers shown at the end of the campaign.


Meanwhile, Gaz is the new nickname given to Sgt. Kyle Garrick, one of the campaign’s main players.

Could we see them both in multiplayer soon?

Viktor Reznov

Ok, this one is just for fun, but we’d love to see some cross-pollination from other Call of Duty franchises including Gary Oldman’s Viktor Reznov or Sam Worthington’s Alex Mason. Hell, why not President Kennedy?


Who do you want to see added to Modern Warfare? Let us know!

General Shepherd

Does this one need explaining? We just want to shoot this man repeatedly as Ghost for what he did in MW2.