Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Progression and Ranks

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A new Modern Warfare means a whole new career system to mark your progression in the game. Activision recently released an overview of how you will go about unlocking gameplay options with the new release – and for the most part, it’ll be what you’re already familiar with. You gain XP through normal gameplay, you unlock new gear, perks, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades as you go along, and then you grind your way through cosmetics and attachment options through Weapon Levels.

So far, so familiar. There are, however, a few key wrinkles to the new system that you’ll want to be aware of. Here’s what to watch out for.


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Officer Training

Call of Duty veterans are no doubt familiar with Prestige Mode after level 55 – resetting them to level 1 for the chance to unlock more content and challenges. Usually, this ends up temporarily locking your items too, forcing you to start over from scratch.

Not so with the new Modern Warfare. Rather, Prestige is now replaced by seasonal Officer Ranks. Leveling up through Officer Ranks unlocks cosmetic blueprints as well as Officer Challenges – and maxing out your Officer rank rewards you with an animated Emblem to bear witness to your achievement for that season.


While your Officer Rank will restart at the end of every season, your Enlisted rank will not.

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Your Mission

If XP gains from your usual run of daily missions, Officer Challenges, and everyday gameplay isn’t enough for you, Modern Warfare has more in store for you. Challenge Missions aren’t one-and-done affairs – rather, they’re multi-step processes that require you to attempt specific game modes or use specific weapons to complete them, offering you substantial XP bonuses and their own separate track of seasonal awards upon successful completion of each step.


Challenge Missions can be accessed through the Barracks menu in Multiplayer.


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Your personal rank isn’t the only thing to work on, of course. Your favorite weapons need practice and polish too – and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. The usual mechanics are here: you gain weapon levels by gunning down targets with a specific gun, level ups reward you with attachments, perks, and camouflages, and all of it is managed at the Gunsmith.


Note, however, that unlocking a base camouflage means even more opportunities to gain XP. Each base camo comes with a set of camo challenges, granting you access to new skins and XP upon completion.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare drops on October 25th. Given everything they’ve lined up, you might find yourself playing through Halloween.


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Written ByJames Chen@Obscurica