Modern Warfare: Unlimited Ammo Model 680 Shotgun Glitch

A potentially game-breaking shotgun glitch has been discovered in Modern Warfare in the same week as the 1.15 patch went live!

In this new glitch, you can have access to unlimited ammo and seemingly shoot forever when using the Model 680.

Unlimited Ammo Glitch

Reddit user Dinjur found when using slug rounds on the Model that the reload animation only allowed you to insert one at a time.

The animation would simply cut off as each slug was placed into the weapon - holding down the reload button would fix this issue but requires you to do it manually each time.

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Video via Dinjur

He went on to say that if you emptied the magazine, you will be stuck in an endless reload animation - even after switching weapons and rotating back to the shotgun.

Although you can't reload it to its full capacity, you are provided infinite ammo.

And to top it off, due to this glitch, you can continue firing the weapon endlessly - it also seems like it gets a slight fire rate buff (but that could just be a deceiving look and not real).

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