Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Beta: Weekend 2 Day 1 Recap And Day 2 Playlists

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The second weekend in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 beta got underway yesterday, what is dubbed the 'cross play' beta weekend - as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players can now all play together. Infinity Ward have addressed some concerns and given us an update on what to expect today.

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  • This morning, some players were unable to connect on console. This issue was resolved and we thank you for your patience
  • Blurriness while ADSing or on the matchmaking screen on PC
  • Crashes on Xbox One and PC (please check existing threads on here if you’re experiencing one of these crashes)
  • Players are unable to chat with console platforms while on PC
  • Players were able to change their input device midmatch. We deployed a fix for this earlier today.

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Day 2 Playlists


  • 6v6 Gun Runner
  • 6v6 Grazna Raid
  • 6v6 Hackney Yard (Day, Night)
  • 6v6 Azhir Cave (Day, Night)
  • 10v10 Grazna Raid

Featured Playlists and Filters

  • Game Mode Filter: TDM (Team Deathmatch)
  • Game Mode Filter: HQ (Headquarters)
  • Game Mode Filter: Cyber Attack
  • Game Mode Filter: 10v10 Dom (Domination)
  • Game Mode Filter: 10v10 HQ (Headquarters)
  • Featured Playlist: NVG (Hackney Yard, Azhir Cave)


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91