MW2 Campaign Remastered: Story and plot explained

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MW2 Campaign Remastered could be dropping any minute now, and it brings with it one of gaming's most incredible thrill-rides.

Considering the campaign is now over ten years old (making us feel our age here at Gfinity HQ), there's a good chance you may not remember entirely what goes on story-wise.


Here's our plot summary, but needless to say – SPOILERS AHEAD.

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered: What Happens?

Set in the year 2016, the Ultranationalists have taken control of Russia, declaring Imran Zakhaev (the big bad of the first game) as a martyr. In the wake of this, Vladimir Makarov, one of Zakhaev's top dogs, begins terror attacks across Europe.


In Afghanistan, the US Army Rangers are assisting locals in retaking a city, when General Shepherd recruits the player character Joseph Allen for his super-elite Task Force 141. While this is going on, Soap MacTavish (the protagonist from the last game) and Roach (the new protagonist for this one) are retrieving a satellite module in Russia, succeeding in doing so.

Allen's first job for his new employers is to dress up like a terrorist and go undercover in one of Makarov's terrorist plots where he shoots up the Zakhaev International Airport in Russia. Unfortunately, Makarov knows Allen is a spy, and at the end of the ordeal kills him – leaving his body to ignite a war between Russia and the USA, who now look like the aggressor.

Unfortunately, this means Russia now invades the United States, having already pinched key tactical information from the aforementioned downed satellite. 

Now in the shoes of James Ramirez, another Army Ranger, players battle to defend the US from Soviet troops, eventually fighting to the Capitol to destroy anti-air weaponry to allow for civilian extraction.


At the same time, Task Force 141 is understandably not happy with having the wool pulled over their eyes by Makarov, and trace a weapons dealer with info on him to Rio de Janeiro. After an extended chase, the arms dealer reveals that Makarov's worst enemy is kept in a Gulag in Russia. Needing all the help they can get, they break out Prisoner #627 and it turns out to be Captain Price, the legendary soldier from Modern Warfare 1.

Shepherd wants to find Makarov, but Price (now taking the lead of Task Force 141) wants to end the war in America. In an unsanctioned mission, Price launches a Russian submarine's missile to detonate in the upper atmosphere over Washington D.C, which releases an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out vehicles and tech for both sides and allows for the US to gain the upper hand.

The only trouble is, that means planes are now dropping to the ground, so poor ol' James Ramirez and team have to retake the White House while dodging debris. While doing so, they find that the US Air Force is about to level the city, but luckily manage to send up flares to prevent the attack at the last minute.

Meanwhile, those Task Force 141 chaps split up to investigate two potential hiding spots for Makarov. Roach and Ghost are able to get into Makarov's computer to obtain vital intel, only to be killed by General Shepherd at the extraction point – ouch. Price and Soap, who are in an aircraft boneyard in Afghanistan, realise they've been betrayed but manage to contact Makarov who reveals where Shepherd is hiding – luckily, also in Afghanistan.


Assaulting Shepherd's base, the dynamic duo pursue him to a motorboat, leading to a chase along a river before Shepherd tries to escape via helicopter. Price causes a crash landing that sends both him and Soap falling over a waterfall, and Soap approaches Shepherd with his knife to finish the fight – only to be stabbed in the chest himself. Preparing to shoot both Soap and Price, Shepherd monologues about how many soldiers he lost during Modern Warfare 1 and how he felt a new war would build the country's morale.

Just as all seems lost, Price and Shepherd scrap it out before Price throws a knife through his opponent's eye to kill him. Price and Soap extract with Nikolai's help, but with the two now wanted criminals (for killing a high-ranking General), they go into hiding.