MW2 Campaign Remastered: All Intel Locations Walkthrough

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The release of the MW2 Campaign Remastered is here!

With several graphical and physical improvements to the 2009 blockbuster single-player mode, the campaign joins the latest release of Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone in one of the most successful times for the popular FPS franchise.


Just like in 2009, there are 45 pieces of intel that can be found within all 17 campaign missions (not including No Russian)

In this article, find out the locations of all 45 laptops in the campaign and what happens once all the intel has been collected.

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!


There is only one piece of intel to be found in the opening prologue to the campaign.

After you have completed the weapons presentation, the intel can be found on a white equipment shelf under a watchtower near the perimeter fencing of the base.

Team Player

The first piece of intel in the mission can be found when pushing into the school. Stg. Foley will say that he “saw one of them head into the classroom” which is where the laptop will be.


It will be on a table next to some barrels and above a notice board.

The second piece of intel is very easy to spot. As you make your way out of the school, the laptop is sitting on an ammo crate next to a yellow taxi.


The first piece of intel can be found after Soap and Roach split up. The laptop is located on a small catwalk on a watchtower.

The objective marker should read around 20 metres away from where you need to be.

Intel number two can be found after you have placed the explosive charge on the fuelling station. As you make your way back to MacTavish, look in the hangar where two technicians wearing orange suits are working.

Take them down or follow Soap into the building with the ACS unit inside. You must break the windows in order to get this piece of intel.


The third and final piece of intel in the mission is a bit tricky to get to. During the snowmobile chase, stay on the right side of the course and look out for a fence.

Once you’ve reached the fence, you will come out into a small clearing with a group of trees in the middle of your screen. Head towards the trees and the laptop will be on the ground. Simply drive over it to secure it.


The first of four pieces of intel can be found in the first area of the favela before the fence with the angry dog.

Around 125 metres away from the objective, a house with a fence and inside is the intel on the table.

After you’ve moved past the dog, a house with a ladder around 80 metres from the objective can be found, climb the ladder and you’ll find the second piece of intel inside the room.

After you have secured the second piece of intel, move southwest and through the door of the building.


Outside of the building is a blue building and a brick building. The laptop can be found in the brick building.

The fourth and final piece of intel can be found as you begin to close in on Rojas. In the upper favela, look for a flaming car and move the capture dot to the left side of your screen and have the burning car directly in front of you.

Head into the building on the right of the car and head down the stairs to the laptop.

You can also access the building by jumping down onto the balcony of the room where the laptop is located so the choice is yours!


The first piece of intel in Wolverines is straightforward to find. It is located on the cashier’s desk in the gas station next to Joe’s Diner.

The second laptop is found near Burger Town. Look for a large dustbin on the east side of the restaurant.


If the BTR is attacking you, an RPG can be found to take it down if it is hindering your search for the intel. The laptop is inside the dustbin.

The third piece of intel is found inside Taco To-Go which can be found by heading east of Burger Town. It will be on one of the dining tables.

The fourth and final piece of intel for this mission is located at the CRB Financial building north of Nate’s Restaurant.

The laptop will be on the desk waiting to be collected. It is important to avoid the CASEVAC and Foley when heading into the building as a soldier will likely spawn in the bank and shoot you in the back!

Hornet's Nest

The first laptop can be found after taking down the two technicals in the opening area of the mission. Cross the street and the first house on your right as you move to the next objective.

Look for a small blue car in the garage. The laptop is in the house on the dining table.


At the turn in the street, follow the chain fence southeast where a huge ambush in the junkyard will occur.

Look for a small shed next to the building with the sniper inside to find the laptop atop some green barrels.

The third laptop requires you to locate Pelayo’s ice cream shop. The laptop isn’t in that building but is on the second floor of the building next to it.

Look for the small blue car parked in front of it and secure the intel on the second floor or you can access the laptop from the ice cream shop. Head to the second floor and keep walking west.

Once you’re out, the first door on the right is the building where the intel is located.

The final piece of intel for this mission is found past the marketplace. Before advancing from the football field, find the burning pick-up truck and on the left is a goal.

Behind the goal, you should see the intel in the window of the small brick building.



Locate the Garden Villas Apartment Building on the north side of the street. Enter the small security office for the complex on the street and the laptop is on the desk.

At the Arcadia community’s checkpoint, check the blue-walled security office for the laptop that will be opposite an office chair.

Once into Arcadia, the second house on the right contains the laptop on the second floor. If you’re struggling to find the house, it is the house next to the one with the AA guns.

Only Easy Day

After you have saved the first room of hostages, you are warned about an enemy gunship that is heading your way. In the storage room, check the equipment shelves for the laptop.

You’ve now saved the second room of hostages and you’ve placed Plan-B. Look inside the corner room near the stairs leading from deck two to deck three. The laptop will be on a storage shelf.


The final piece of intel is easy to find. On the third deck, there are some yellow stairs which lead to some opposition.

Listen for Soap or Ghost to mention something about using the hallways to set up an ambush. Under the stairs, the laptop will be on some wooden pallets.


Before you enter the prison, there is a set of stairs that lead to a control room that overlooks the entrance. Head inside and the laptop will be on top of some broken filing cabinets.

The second laptop is on a table in the first control centre after entering the gulag. This can be difficult to spot given the amount of action taking place so take your time when looking for it.

After ambushing the prison armoury, move to the next gate and look for room 327 on the wall. If you begin rappelling down, you have gone too far so restart the checkpoint. The laptop will be on a table.

After you have re-united with Price, look left of the hole in the wall where the laptop can be found easily.


Of Their Own Accord

At the lobby lift, stand on the fallen soldier blocking the door and grab the laptop inside.

Inside the Capitol building, the laptop is found on a small coffee table outside a copying room which has an enemy hiding inside.


After escaping the BTRs, Price will mention a three-man patrol that is ahead of you. Look for the camouflage netting near the patrol and the laptop will be on an ammo crate.

You can grab it without alerting anyone so stay hidden and stay quiet.

After taking down a huge number of enemies with the Predator missile, follow the left edge of the map and find building 33.


The laptop is inside the building. For those that remember the “Sniper Fi” Spec Ops mission, it is the very same building that you defend in that mission!

From building 33, head northwest and check the corner of the helipad where the chopper was waiting.

Whiskey Hotel

Once Corporal Dunn has breached the door on the western side of the building, follow him and stay near the left wall. Takedown the enemies in the room and the laptop will be on a black sofa on the right-hand side.

The second and final laptop is in a small yellow room where the laptop is next to a chest of drawers with an ammunition box on top.

Loose Ends

Southwest of the cabin is a small boathouse next to the lake. The laptop is next to a fake netbook but it is very easy to tell the two apart.


The second laptop can be found inside the weapons cache in the basement. Inside the cache with the ammo refill box, the intel will be on top of a large box and under a couple of shelves.

The third and final laptop can be found in the upstairs bedroom that overlooks two parked SUVs.

Enemy of My Enemy

From where you start the mission, head down and check the plane wreck next to the wreck you started near. The laptop is located in the cockpit.

The second and final piece of intel can be found as you near Price’s ride out of the boneyard.

Look for the wreckage of a plane with the nose pointed at you. Head inside this wreck to get the laptop.

Just Like Old Times

Once you’re inside the first cave, take out the guard smoking and go towards the area that Price says.


Without causing any enemies to attack, you can grab the laptop that is just down the tunnel.

The second laptop can be found once the room has gone dark and a squad of enemies heading into the area with lasers.

Look for a small alcove near the door and the laptop should be next to an open ammo crate.

At the smokescreen ambush, head northwest into a small cave where more weapons and crates can be found.

This can be done after the ambush and before the door to the control room is breached.

The final piece of intel for this mission can be found on a table across from the door override. Look at the two countdown timers and it’s on the table next to the left timer.

End Game

The final mission has one piece of intel and it is very straightforward to find. On the dock, before you board the raft, the laptop is on the box.