Call of Duty European Pro League Rules & Regulations

With the Gfinity Call of Duty European Pro League Qualifiers now underway, we are delighted to announce the official rules and regulations for the league.

In association with Activision, Gfinity will host the European Call of Duty Pro League for the remaining competitive season of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The league will be hosted on and will be appropriately divided into separate divisions.

The two highest divisions, Premiership and Championship, will feature the most elite teams within the European competitive Call of Duty community. Within each division, there will be 8 participating teams, with fixtures occurring once a week (Wednesday 8PM BST).

Teams will be required to play each other once over the entire season, therefore in total, teams are obligated to play 7 games per season. Once a fixture has been scheduled, teams are not permitted to miss a solitary match. In the case of a “no-show”, the guilty team will be removed from the league and banned from future events.

Below the Premiership and Championship divisions, Gfinity will host additional leagues open to public registration. The Top 2 teams from each respective open league will progress into a qualifying cup, with the finalists securing automatic promotion to the Championship division, while the winning team will also earn a substantial £1,000.

Prior to the launch of each season, teams must submit a roster of 6 players, which they are expected to use in order to avoid missing a solitary match. A 48 Hour transfer window will occur on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of June (Between week 3 and 4). Teams may change a maximum of 3 players during this window.

Upon the conclusion of each season, the Top 4 teams within the Premiership division will automatically qualify for the Summer Call of Duty Masters on the 31st of July, while the bottom two teams will be relegated to the Championship division, with the respective Top and Bottom 2 Championship teams securing promotion and relegation.

League matches will feature a Best-Of-Six format, with teams required to play all 6 maps in the series. A team will be awarded 3 points for a win, while a 3-3 draw will result in both teams being awarded 1 point each.

The initial host of the series will be determined by an admin coin toss. Once the “home” team has been established the hosting format will follow this structure; Home-Away-Away-Home-Away-Home.

Teams will be provided with a pre-set of dedicated maps, however, the game mode of each map will be determined upon the decision of the hosting team. Each team will be presented with a pool of 3 game modes (Search and Destroy, Hardpoint and Uplink) and are required to use each game mode once throughout the series.

A full prize pool breakdown can be found below:

Premiership 1st - £7,000

Premiership 2nd - £3,000

Premiership 3rd - £1,000

Premiership 4th - £300

Championship 1st - £1,500

Championship 2nd - £800

Championship 3rd - £400

Gfinity is bringing Call of Duty back to London with the launch of the European Pro League, taking place June 20-21st. Watch 8 of Europe’s top CoD talents battle it out at Gfinity's London arena!

More information on the event and tickets for purchase are available now.

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