Black Ops Cold War: Are Specialists Returning?

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Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer reveal is scheduled to take place next week.

While we've mainly focused on the campaign since the game's reveal, it's time to turn out attention to the mode that will keep players engaged all year round.


The Black Ops franchise first introduced Specialists during Black Ops 3, which has been modified and tweaked since inception, but has slowly faded out of the franchise.

Will they make a return in Black Ops Cold War? The answer might be yes...

Specialists In Black Ops Cold War?

Rumours emerged about the gameplay in recent weeks stating that Specialists will not return, but one leaker may have thrown a spanner in the works.


@_TomHenderson_ is a good source for inside information about the Call of Duty franchise and has said that Specialists are returning...

These will not return in the traditional sense, as they will reportedly be added as killstreaks. These killstreaks include:

  • Flamethrower
  • Hand Cannon
  • Bow
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Death Machine

Black Ops 1 featured the Death Machine and Grim Reaper (a multi-shot rocket launcher) from Care Packages, so it comes as no surprise to see these return. The Flamethrower was also a featured weapon attachment.

The Hand Cannon and Bow will be interesting and intriguing to see how they keep in fitting with the Cold War theme.

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What Are Specialists?

'Specialists' were first introduced in Black Ops 3's multiplayer as a way to tactically change the game and the way players played the game. It also offered players unique abilities to help with this. Every player would select a specialist with a unique weapon or ability, which would become usable after the energy meter was filled.

The energy meter slowly fills up as time goes on in the game, but players could accelerate this by getting kills, assists, calling in scorestreaks or interactive with game mode specific objectives.

The Specialist was modified to 'Combat Rigs' in Infinite Warfare and operated in an almost identical fashion. In WWII, they were overhauled and called 'Divisions', which would help compliment certain classes by offering unique perks and attachments. Specialists returned in Black Ops 4, once again offering a Specialist weapon and a piece of rechargeable equipment.


Players, especially those in competitive play, welcomed the change early on but pleaded to have them removed due to their unpredictable nature and game-changing qualities.