Black Ops Cold War Alpha: Red Door Gets 10GB Update - New COD 2020 Warzone, Zombies And Campaign Files Added

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As we gear up for a full reveal of COD 2020, which is believed to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, eagle-eyed fans have caught notice of the 'Red Door' Alpha test.

This Alpha has been out in the wild for some time now, but it recently made its way onto the Xbox One Marketplace; more importantly, it just received a big update!


Red Door 10GB Update

In a surprise turn of events, the COD 2020 alpha has received an unexpected update.

With a reveal yet to rear it's head, despite being so close to August, it suggests that the Alpha is still being rigorously tested; so an announcement or even gameplay may be further away than we expected.

So what was included in this update? Well, according to @ProtoWarehouse there were 12 new campaign sub title files, 2 new zombies sub title files and a new Warzone file. 


Photo via @ProtoWarehouse

Most notably there is a new Warzone loading movie file, potentially indicating what loads up when Warzone begins. Warzone specific textures were also added to support 4K.

The leaked campaign missions, Takedown and Tundra, were also given new texture files to support 4K.

It's still unknown when we'll get a reveal, but many rumours suggest a reveal will happen inside of Warzone. With Season 5 set to begin on the 5th August, it's unlikely a big reveal will occur closely after.


It was also confirmed that Warzone will have seven seasons - so it could be we see a reveal in a later season.