COD 2020 Level Designer Shares Personal Work On Twitter

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A COD 2020 Level Designer has shared some of his personal work on Twitter.

@AaronWStump has shared 3 screenshots each depicting a different map or location he has designed.

Although it is not confirmed if any of these locations have been inspired by the COD 2020 maps, it's a good indicator of what we can expect.


As @AaronWStump has released these screenshots onto Twitter, we can assume none of these locations are in COD 2020.

Nonetheless, the screenshots are amazing and depict 3 starkly different locations which interesting themes. Check them out below:



Courtesy of @AaronWStump

As you can see a great deal of effort has gone into designing these locations.

If there's one thing to take from this its that COD 2020 has a number of talented Level Designer's working on the game.

I hope the COD 2020 maps can live up to these locations and provide players with a dynamic and memorable experience.