Black Ops Cold War: Snipers Being Nerfed?

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Black Ops Cold War released its surprise Alpha for PS4 users this weekend.

Players are able to jump in and check out the new Call of Duty finally.


Now, the developers are addressing some of the community concerns.

Including the power of Sniper Rifles!


Snipers Are Buffed? 

Tony Flame who is one of the game designers for Black Ops Cold War, along with a community voice as of late has noted some important details.


Apparently, the Sniper Rifles in the Alpha are buffed right now. 

This is due to the fact that the Alpha is only on PS4 and does not have cross-play at the moment.

As well, Tony noted that there will be balance changes coming down the line.

But for now, it appears the Snipers are going to stay this strong!



Are They Too Strong? 

The Sniper Rifles have been receiving a mixed opinion thus far.

Some are saying they are too strong at the moment, while others are noting it is like the old Call of Duty's.


It will be interesting to see how the nerf affects the Snipers when it eventually comes.