How To Disable The Health Bar In Black Ops Cold War

The Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer reveal has provided us with so much new information about the upcoming title.

There's a lot of exciting changes to look forward to and experience.

Treyarch is providing players with more ways to customise gameplay experience.

This is particularly evident in the options menu.

Health Bars Can Be Disabled

In a new blog post, Treyarch has revealed players will be able to disable health bars.

Check it out below:

"Players can toggle several HUD elements in Settings, including the ability to see health bars over enemies and allies."

Treyarch has also confirmed they are aiming to provide players with more options to customise their HUD.

Although the HUD isn't the most exciting element of the game it's certainly important.

Each player has their own preferences and setup when it comes to the HUD.

Cold War will provide players with more freedom in the options department.

This is amazing news and it's great to see Treyarch recognise how important the HUD customisation is for players.

A toggle is always better than making flat out changes or removing features.

You can check out the latest Black Ops Cold War news here.

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