Black Ops 4 DLC 4: Operation Dark Divide Patch Notes, Tag Der Toten Zombies, Multiplayer And Blackout

With Modern Warfare 2019 beta finishing, we turn our attention back to Black Ops 4's DLC 4. The big focus for this DLC is surrounding the fact tha the Aether storyline will come to a dramatic conclusion, in the Call of the Dead remake called 'Tag der Toten'. The rest of the game modes will also be updated with the introduction of the new Operation - Operation Dark Divide. We've also been hearing rumours, despite this being the supposed last DLC, that a DLC 5 is in the works called Zombies Chronicles 2.

DLC 4 will feature more Operations, Multiplayer Maps, Blackout Changes and a new Zombies experience. You can find all of the details for the update here.

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Release Date

Operation Dark Divide (DLC 4) releases on the 23rd September at 6pm BST on PlayStation 4 and 7 days later on Xbox One and PC.

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Tag Der Toten (Zombies)

After Alpha Omega, the heroes grabbed the elemental shard from the Broken Arrow facility in Nuketown - a crucial part in their plan to end this nightmarish adventure. Upon completion, Dr Monty has discovered their plan and shown his true colours. Samantha and Eddie are teleported to Nuketown with the heroes and they claim that they will fight in the great war in order to destroy Agartha, the Aether and finally Dr Monty.

This new Zombies map has been long awaited, as it is the supposed end to the Aether story, it will be a Call of the Dead remake called 'Tag der Toten'. Recently, a trophy update for the game was done for Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4 and revealed all of the trophies for this DLC - this can be found here.

During a Treyarch livestream on September 23rd, it has been confirmed that Tag der Toten will be the end of the Aether story. Along with the new map, new elixirs "Secret Shopper" and "Power Vacuum" will give players the ability to buy an ammo for any fun they posses from any wall buy on the map and increase the drop rate of all power ups for a few minutes.

There is also a new perk called 'Blaze Phase', charge up and unleash to blaze a path through zombies in a direct line; available in all maps.

New weapons have been added, the Ehohawk Dual Bore, AN-94, and VMP now available in the Mystery Box. Two new wonder weapons have also been added, the Wunderwaffe DG Scharfschütze and Tundra Gun.

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Youtuber TheGamingRevolution was the one to announce a DLC 5, similar to the Zombie Chronicles DLC in Black Ops 3 - featuring a remake of Tranzit, Buried, Die Rise which will be known as Zombies Chronicles 2.


For Black Ops Pass holders, there will be two new maps coming to Multiplayer - Lair, the ultimate super hero villian base and Launch, a fully remastered version of the map from the first instalment of the Black Ops franchise.

Lair contains a more vertical element, with players having to navigate the map using elevators. A massive laser is one of the many interactive elements on the map and will be able to take down opponents so watch your six!

New weapons are now available in the Black Market. The Echhawk Dual Bore is an Assault Rifle that boasts high damage thanks to its dual barrels and will suit a more slower pace of gameplay. Two weapons from previous Black Ops titles are making a return on Black Ops 4. The AN-94 AR and the VMP sub-machine gun which now has a different feel thanks to the recoil model of the game.

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As mentioned on their latest live stream, Treyarch have introduced "Heavy Metal Heroes" as the newest limited time mode. There are several vehicle jumps located all over the map for players to showcase their driving skill and boasts several opportunities for some epic gameplay. Thrust jumping has also been added to Blackout, adding a new element of verticality to the battle royale mode. 

To balance the addition of the tanks, there is a new Operator variant for the Helion Salvo launcher. Faster lock-on and incresaed damage against vehicles will make the launcher a must-have when coming across an enemy tank.

Alcatraz will be returning to Blackout in borad daylight as opposed to the gloomy darkness from before. Along with this, there will be the introduction of a "Moshpit" playlist where every single LTM from the year will be available for everyone to play.

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