Mathilda's Floral Crown Skin is Basically Free In Mobile Legends

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Mathilda just got brand-new skin in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and it's a seriously sweet one for the fairy forest fans out there. Oh, and it's pretty cheap thanks to some rebate magic as well. Here's how to use the Floral Crown rebate to get the skin for free.

Floral Crown Skin Release Date

Though it isn't super clear in the marketing, Mathilda's Floral Crown skin is a limited-time thing. You can't buy it with Diamonds alone, but you can earn some back by using the Diamond Rebate option before the skin vanished on July 7. Here's how it works.

An in-game screenshot showing the Floral Crown skin in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

The relatively new legend only released toward the end of last year, making this new skin only her third. It's positioned right behind her alternative outfit Unrestrainted Delight that retained the stylings of her cultural heritage.

Mobile Legends Floral Crown Rebate - How to Get the Mathilda Floral Crown Skin for Free

The Mathilda Floral Crown skin can only be purchased between Jun.24-Jul.7. After that, it's gone. You won't be able to buy it in the shop, but you'll be able to use it if you did.

The way the rebate works is that instead of using Diamonds to buy the Floral Crown skin, you use cash instead: £4.99, to be exact. Hit the tiny button on the main screen to find it.

An infographic showing how to claim the Floral Crown rebate in Mobile Legends.

You get more than just the skin for that price, though. After 7 days, you'll get the 275 Diamonds it would typically cost back: hence the 100% rebate claim.

It costs £4.99 to buy 250 Diamonds in the shop, but you get 25 "Bonus" Diamonds as well for a grand total of 275--the exact amount you get back 7 days after buying the Floral Crown skin for the same price.

What that means is that so long as you're willing to see £4.99 leave your bank account, Mathilda's Flower Crown skin is basically free. You'll get the Diamonds of equal value back to spend on any other Mobile Legends item in-game.