Valorant Agents tier list (March 2023) - The best characters at every level

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March 23, 2023: We've updated our Valorant agent tier list.

In every patch, there will always be meta changes, even slightly. This Valorant agent tier list will ensure you are up-to-date with the best agents in the game. Not only that, but you will also learn why such agents are stronger and better than their peers. You're only as good as your pick.


Picking out a main character to use is a hard choice for every player to make. Valorant’s newest agent, Harbor, is also included in this list, so it might be helpful if you are looking to main the most recent addition to the Valorant protocol. We also explained his kit and why he belongs to the lowest tier of agents.

Climbing ranks is a challenging feat to do, especially in Valorant, where only the top 500 players reach the highest rank. If you want to be a better player, check out our other gameplay guides like the Valorant best guns tier list and Asuna’s crosshair and settings.

Valorant agents tier list - Best agents for 6.05

Tier Agents
SJett, Killjoy, Sova, Omen, Gekko
AKAY/O, Skye, Viper, Fade, Cypher
BPhoenix, Yoru, Neon, Raze
CReyna, Astra, Harbor

S-Tier Agents



The Korean wind assassin is currently the best entry fragger in the game. Jett's dash is still arguably the most substantial free ability in Valorant because of its flexibility. Not only that, but the entirety of her kit is also impressive. She has a versatile ultimate, two smoke clouds, and an updraft that can get her into weird angles and places. Because of these things, Jett remains the top pick for pro play and ranked games in all regions.



Thankfully for Killjoy mains, her pick rate has shot up tremendously because of the recent and egregious Chamber nerfs. Being one of the strongest anchors in the game, she will not have problems delaying any executes from the enemy team.
Not to mention, Killjoy has one of the strongest ultimates in the game, and now, it can't be destroyed by enemy utility anymore (except for Sova and Brimstone ultimate). Even after the recent nerfs, Killjoy is still the best sentinel in the game.


valorant agent tier list gekko

The newest addition to the Valorant protocol, Gekko is the only agent that has abilities that can be picked up after using to reset the cooldown. Not to mention, he has a cute wingman that can defuse and plant for the team. Gekko has everything that a team needs for an initiator, whether it may be flash, concuss, or molly, you name it.


To top it all off, Gekko’s ultimate only costs seven points, which is incredibly little for a refillable ability. The community thinks that Gekko will be at the top of the agent tier list. And he will be at the summit for a very long time unless he gets abominable nerfs like Chamber.



The only agent consistent in the S-tier, the Russian hunter will never be leaving his spot anytime soon. Valorant deeply values information gathering, and Sova's abilities are unmatched in this area. Even after all the nerfs that Sova received, he is still the top initiator to pick in both ranked and pro games



With the strongest ability at his disposal (Paranoia), Omen is the top pick for controller mains for this patch. Not only that, but he can also refill his smokes quickly, making it easier for the whole team to change the plan and re-execute another site. For these abilities alone, Omen will be an S-tier pick for a long time if he does not receive nerfs from the developers


A-tier agent



One of the most recent agents to be released, KAY/O, has been a consistent pick for certain maps. With a flexible kit of both info gathering and flashes, this robot has been a menace when paired with a strong duelist.
Unlike other agents, KAY/O has the power to disable enemy utility, which is a powerful skill, considering Valorant is a game that also emphasizes ability usage.



If flexible flashes are a requirement for the team composition, then Skye is the way to go. She might not have info-gathering abilities that are strong as her initiator counterparts. Still, her flash and fast trailblazer ability are strong enough to land her in the A-tier.




The American chemist has a unique take on controller abilities in Valorant. With an irritating toxin screen, poison orb, and ultimate at her disposal, it is hard to pass on Viper when playing on specific maps. Aside from that, Viper also has a molly that can delay enemy executes whenever she pleases.
However, Viper's abilities can't be redeployed once used (except for Poison Orb). Nevertheless, her kit is extremely strong, especially her ultimate, which has the highest win rate percentage when used on pro games, but because of the recent nerfs, she drops down from the S-tier.



Equipped with solid info-gathering abilities, Fade is a formidable choice as an initiator. The nightmare-inducing agent has an eye that detects enemies, a prowler that can clear angles, and an ultimate that renders enemies deaf.
Fade is a complete package for most team compositions, but Sova is still the top choice because of his flexibility, which is why the Turkish agent will remain on the A-tier for now.



Arguably the most irritating site anchor in Valorant, Cypher now has been picked numerous times in both pro games and ranked. Like Killjoy, the Moroccan spy has been buffed and can now make it harder for enemies to execute their plans on the attacking side.
However, Cypher is still not as flexible as Killjoy, and his ultimate is still inferior to Lockdown, but he still has his strengths and is highly annoying to play against.

B-tier agents



The pioneer of the blazing-fast and confusing movement. This Filipino agent has a weird kit that is arguably helpful only on tight maps. Nevertheless, her dash and ultimate ability are vexatious to deal with even though her other abilities are not much helpful.



Phoenix's pick rate has been dwindling ever since the release of Valorant. Thankfully, the fiery agent has slightly returned in terms of pick rate because of the recent buffs. Phoenix is never the top pick for both ranked and pro games, because of strong flash agents and entry duelists, namely Raze, KAY/O, and Jett, Still, Phoenix can be a decent entry for the team because of his flash and wall, but in the presence of more flexible agents, he usually receives a blind eye from the players.



This Japanese agent has an unconventional kit for a duelist. Yoru can deploy clones and bounce flashes, which are less strong than other agents. But, his ultimate can be great for both gathering information and executing site entries. However, Yoru has a perplexing kit to able to utilize properly, but in the hands of a master, he is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.



Raze is one of the few agents that can consistently rack up kills with her abilities. Bringing destruction everywhere she goes, this Brazilian inventor has a flexible kit for a duelist. Raze has a Boombot for info gathering, satchels for entry fragging, and grenades for angle clearing. Also, her ultimate is guaranteed to kill at least one enemy if used correctly.
However, because of the recent Boombot changes, Raze has dropped down to the B-tier. She was always inferior to Jett when it comes to entry fragging, and the changes made it even worse.




The true master of forcing site executes, Breach has been a consistent pick on tight maps, such as Fracture. His stuns and flashes are impossible to deal with if used correctly. Nevertheless, his lack of information-gathering abilities and the existence of initiators who excel in that regard make it hard for Breach to penetrate the upper tiers of Valorant agents.

C-tier agents



Often called "the selfish agent," Reyna only has a single ability that can help teammates, a flash, and it is a weak one at that. Most of Reyna's abilities rely on her getting kills, even her ultimate, which is a poor choice for a team-based shooter. Riot Games recently buffed her Leer, but it is still not as strong as the flashes of other agents. Additionally, she is really weak in entering sites, which makes her reliant on a main duelist with tremendous mobility, such as Raze and Jett, making her the weakest duelist in the game.




There was a time when Astra was the strongest controller in the game. However, things changed when she was nerfed to the ground, and Omen and Brimstone received buffs. The Ghanaian agent relies on her stars that she uses when casting abilities. These stars do not refill over time, and her abilities have long cooldowns, so re-executing sites is harder than other controller agents.



The newest addition to the agent lineup of Valorant, Harbor is probably the weakest agent in the game currently. His smokes are less effective than other controllers, even after the buffs last patch. Also, Harbor requires unique execution, so he is slightly more complex than other agents. Nevertheless, Harbor’s ultimate is excellent for retakes, but the ineffectiveness of his whole kit is not enough to warrant him in a higher tier.