Minecraft Frogs: Where to Find, How to Breed, and More

A frog in Minecraft.

A frog in Minecraft.

If you're looking for how to find and breed Minecraft frogs, here's all the information we have so far. Minecraft is a very impressive game. Seeing tonnes of updates over the last couple of years, there's so much to catch up on, and learning where to find frogs in Minecraft will certainly help you explore all that's new in the Wild update.

Like most things in Minecraft, finding frogs isn't an exact science. You may need to explore around a little or even find some peculiar way that works for you. That being said, we have a good idea of how frogs operate and have some tips on how to find them. If you really want to set up your own frog farm, this guide should have everything covered.

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How to Find Minecraft Frogs

It's surprisingly easy to find frogs if you know what you are doing. Simply look for a swamp and you may even come across some on the way. Generally, swamps are covered in murky water and have tonnes of lilypads. If you start to see these, you are in the right area.

After this, just walk around close to where the land meets water to come across them. They should jump around and generally exist near other frogs. This makes them very easy creatures to breed.

Minecraft Frogs
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Minecraft Frog Breeding - How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

If you want to breed Minecraft frogs, you simply have to pair two together and give them both slimeballs. You can generally find slimes in wide open areas or very deep down. They are easy to kill and drop a lot of slimeballs. Give them to the frogs to get them to breed.

Depending on where the tadpoles grow to maturity, you will get a different type of frog. If you want different types, experiment with your environment.

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