A Minecraft Player Is Rebuilding The Whole Star Wars Galaxy

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Minecraft is one of the most expansive games, giving players the opportunity to build entire planets and worlds.

But one builder is taking this step even further. Vistachess has headed to a galaxy far, far away with the player using Minecraft's platform to recreate every single Star Wars planet. The user hopes to join them into one open-world map for exploration.

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A Minecraft Player Is Rebuilding The Whole Star Wars Galaxy

Vistachess has begun construction, with the builder already completing the municipal Coruscant and the desert-driven Tatooine. Their progress can be seen below with maps for both planets:


They stated that the two worlds took one year to craft, so the finished product is probably a couple of years away. But fans can keep up-to-date with their progress through Vistachess' Youtube and Reddit channels.

Star Wars was also in the news earlier this week, with rumours indicating that a new game is supposedly being developed by Quantic Dream. Moreover, a Knights Of The Old Republic remake was recently announced, alongside circulating whispers that a Jedi Fallen Order sequel is aiming for a 2022/2023 launch.