Metroid Prime Trilogy Included "Hundreds" Of Text Edits To Harmonize The Canon

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Ever since we were introduced to Metroid Prime back in 2002, Metroid's been split down two roads. We've had the 2D entries produced by Yoshio Sakamoto - including next month's Metroid Dread - while Prime took Samus down the 3D action-adventure route in first person.

Despite this, there's always been a unity between the two and speaking in a recent Kiwi Talkz interview, former Retro Studios lead designer Mike Wikan offered new details, explaining Nintendo's wider involvement.

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Metroid Prime Trilogy Included "Hundreds" Of Text Edits To Harmonize The Canon

Advising us that "hundreds and hundreds and hundreds" of text edits were made to Trilogy, this was done to ensure it fit within Metroid's universe. Specifically, Wikan stated:

To tell you the seriousness that Nintendo takes with, they had gone through all of our text, all of our scans from all three games, and done a complete spreadsheet analysis on how it all fit together with the Metroid Prime universe in its current state. Every word. They sent us hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of edits and changes for all the text to make sure everything harmonized and worked in the Metroid universe. That’s the level of detail that they put into it. Probably 50-60% of the work we did on the Trilogy was changing those scan files.

You can watch the full video above and we're interested to see how this continues in future entries. While Metroid Dread takes us to the end of Samus' current timeline next month, Metroid Prime 4 is still a way off, and we're excited to see what that'll bring.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast via Kiwi Talkz