Rumour: Metroid Prime: Trilogy Switch Port Is Done, Awaiting Prime 4's Release

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We got a brief update on Metroid Prime 4 during Nintendo's E3 2021 conference. Though Metroid Dread's reveal took priority Nintendo advised that they're "working hard" on Metroid Prime 4 following a development restart in 2019, but the much-delayed next entry might be holding back a separate Switch release.

While we've previously seen rumours surrounding Metroid Prime: Trilogy - which includes Metroid Prime, Prime 2: Echoes, and Prime 3: Corruption - on Switch, one former Retro Studios designer issued their doubts about the feasibility of such a port. However, VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb has now weighed in.


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Rumour: Metroid Prime: Trilogy Switch Port Is Done, Awaiting Prime 4's Release

Speaking during a Giant Bomb show this weekend, Grubb claimed that Nintendo was holding off the Trilogy's release for several reasons. One was due to restricted quality assurance resources during the ongoing global pandemic, while another is to align it with Metroid Prime 4's release. Specifically, Grubb claimed:

The game is done and Nintendo is holding it. I think Metroid Prime trilogy is done and whether or not Nintendo releases it now or later depends on other factors. I think that game is sitting in their pocket for whenever Nintendo decides it’s the right time, and Nintendo’s done this a lot recently so it’s not unusual, it’s not a sign of some bad thing happening, it’s not a sign of a lack of faith in Metroid… Nintendo can afford [to sit on it] and that’s how they’re treating it.

As for QA testing, Grubb believes Nintendo were " focusing its quality assurance resources on one or two big projects at a time", leaving some games sitting on the side when completed, citing how Japan's currently dealing with these pandemic-related issues. For now though, a Trilogy port remains officially unconfirmed by Nintendo, but we'll let you know if that changes.