Metroid Dread Has Improved Map Navigation Tools

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With Metroid Dread's announcement at E3 2021, Nintendo has coincided the release of Samus's next adventure with the Switch OLED this fall.

As well as finishing the current story arc, the forthcoming instalment in the long-running franchise is set to bring major improvements to previous gameplay mechanics.

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Metroid Dread Has Improved Map Navigation Tools

In a new Metroid Dread Report, developers MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD have upgraded the map from the previous simple-cell perspective to more detailed outlines.

Maps now allow for the ability to highlight icons across the map. So if players are looking for a specific icon, they can filter other symbols and showcase one specific icon.

Players can now zoom in/out of the map as well.


Markers of up to 6 different colors can be placed on the map too, allowing for multiple markers to be placed at the same time.

While certain places will now glow, indicating the presence of hidden items and loot that Samus can use.

The map can also be expanded with ease:

During normal gameplay, pressing the Left Directional Button on the Joy-Con™ controller will expand your view of the minimap in the top-right corner of the screen.

Metroid enthusiasts have wondered whether Dread will be the last in the series, but series director Yoshio Sakamoto clarified how this instalment fits into Samus's story.