Metroid Will Continue After Dread, Series Producer Clarifies

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When Nintendo unveiled Metroid Dread during its E3 2021 presentation, the software giant billed the game as the end to the Metroid saga, or at least, the end of the story featuring Samus and the Metroids that began in the 1980s.

Many fans wondered what that meant for the series' future and if, Metroid Prime 4 aside, Metroid Dread could be the absolute end of the series.

It's not.

Series creator and overseer Yoshio Sakamoto clarified the Metroid conclusion comments during a press event Nintendo of Europe hosted.

NintendoLife asked if Dread was the last Metroid game, and Sakamoto said:

"Samus' adventure will continue. And how it will continue? Well, first things first, I believe that when you clear Dread, you will have a clearer idea."

Which is admittedly pretty vague, but GamesRadar received a fuller response.

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Metroid Will Continue After Dread, Series Creator Clarifies

"15 years ago when I originally conceived of the game, the story wasn't yet set and so it was basically driven or kept alive by the concept," he said. "It was fairly recent that we finalized the detailed story, and so as you can imagine, what I envisioned 15 years ago is not the same as what actually was achieved now."

In other words, the time is finally right to bring this strand to a close and probably start moving on to another chapter in Samus' story, which raises some interesting possibilities.

If this concludes her time with the actual Metroids, then it could be we see the series move beyond its titular monsters and open up into something else entirely.

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