Metal Gear Twitter Account Hints At News Next Week

The Metal Gear Twitter account has teased that something could be happening next week.

A Twitter account for Tom Olsen (who may or may not be real), which was created just this month, has been sharing pictures of Metal Gear Solid 2's Big Shell location. In a recent tweet, the account had noted that the computer lab was empty.

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Metal Gear Twitter Account Hints At News Next Week

This was quote-tweeted by the Metal Gear Twitter account which said:

"Tom, we talked about this. Please check your Codec each morning for meeting updates and evacuations in-case of PMC incursions."

"And we have visitors coming next week, so finish cleaning the vents and make sure the flags are all hung properly, but do not touch the C4 this time."

Still, 'Tom' diligently checked the flags, only to find that the American flag in the auditorium is hanging upside down.

He also noted that 'There're (sic) setting up for a big event later this month, but I don't know the details."

It certainly sounds as though something Metal Gear is coming this month, although what that could be is anyone's guess.

Earlier this week, we reported on a 4Chan 'leak' that suggested a Metal Gear Solid collection could be coming to PS5 this year.

We've also heard reports of a long-rumoured remake of the first game, but could we get a remake of the second instead?

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