Medieval Dynasty Best Village Location Guide

In Medieval Dynasty, your goal is to make your own village. The survival/simulator game by Toplitz Productions lets players explore the different areas in the game, and eventually create their own place where everyday life can be sustained.

But of course, there could only be one village location in Medieval Dynasty that might be labeled as the best with the most important factors considered, namely the presence of shopkeepers, as well as the utilities.

So, stay through this article to be enlightened on which is the best village location in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty Best Village Location

Before we say what’s the best village location in Medieval Dynasty, let’s narrow down first the choices into the top four.

These could be Borowo, Lesnica, Denica, and Gostovia. All of these locations are on top in terms of trading goods and other stuff. The deciding factor however would be the number of merchants in each location, and only one among the four would emerge as the best location.

It should be Gostovia. This location houses four merchants, namely Adelina, Sobiemir, Uniegost, and Jarogniewa. These merchants sell different goods such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, flour, wheat grain, meat, and many more.

Although Gostovia is the most recommended village location in Medieval Dynasty, it will still depend on your preference. All the locations available have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s still up to you where you will create your village in the game.

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