Amazon Studios Reportedly Making a Mass Effect TV Series

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This year's brought renewed interest in BioWare's Mass Effect series. Having remastered the original trilogy through Mass Effect: Legendary Edition last May, we've seen rumblings over Mass Effect 5 too and according to Deadline, a TV adaptation's now in development at Amazon Studios.

While Deadline's report mostly focused on Amazon's The Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings adaptations, they also commented on Mass Effect, stating:

One of the company’s newest hopefuls in the arena is Mass Effect. Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to develop a series based on the best-selling sci-fi video game franchise from Electronic Arts.

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Amazon Studios Reportedly Making a Mass Effect TV Series

It wouldn't be the first attempt at a Mass Effect adaptation. While an animated film released in 2012 with Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, previous attempts by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros for a live action film back in 2010 stalled. Earlier this year, BioWare's Mac Walters revealed that'd been rescoped for a TV series, though it never got anywhere.

While it doesn't sound like a done deal, we'd be surprised if a TV series doesn't get off the ground eventually. We'll keep you informed as we hear more about this development. 4

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