Mass Effect 5 Rumoured To Begin Full Development In 2023

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Mass Effect experienced a renaissance this year through the Legendary Edition, with the collection reportedly toppled EA's sales expectations.

Despite announcing another entry in the beloved cyber galactic RPG series last year, it looks like full development won't begin on the next episode until 2023, 3 years after its unveiling.

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Mass Effect 5 Rumoured To Begin Full Development In 2023

Coming to us from Jeff Grubb, the next Mass Effect adventure is rumoured to head into full development in 2023.

Grubb associates this news with BioWare's push towards utilising next-gen technology to its maximum capacity.

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Bear in mind, this report still remains unconfirmed. However, this extensive time would make sense given yesterday's story that BioWare is considering a shift from Andromeda' use of EA's Frostbite engine back to Unreal Engine, the platform used for the original Mass Effect games. This transformation may take some time to implement.

It's worth remembering that BioWare is also hard at work developing a new Dragon Age game, with the next fantasy RPG reportedly aiming for a 2023 launch; the same year Mass Effect 5 is rumoured to begin full production. We await further confirmation from EA regarding Mass Effect 5's planned release.