New E3 Leak Points to Marvel Tactics Game and Borderlands Spinoff

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Update: June 3 7 p.m. EST

Bloomberg's Jason Schreier retweeted Video Games Chronicle's coverage of the rumor and said the leak is legitimate, so it looks like we'll be seeing XCOM Marvel after all.


Original Story

A recent round of 2K E3 leaks suggests we could be getting a Marvel tactics game and a new Borderlands game.

The leaks come from Reddit user swine_flu_greg, but unlike dozens of other, less reliable leaks, this one might have some credibility.


Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier responded to a comment about the leak on Twitter by saying “I was wondering if people would notice this leak.”

While it’s far from confirmation that the 2K E3 leak is legitimate, it’s apparently enough to warrant Schreier’s attention.

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New E3 Leak Points to Marvel 4X Game and Borderlands Spinoff

As for what the game would be, swine_flu said it’s codenamed CODA, features “some famous actors,” and is essentially XCOM with Marvel.

Assuming they didn’t mean famous voice actors, it makes us wonder if we’d actually have the actors from the films voicing their game counterparts.

The Borderlands E3 leak is reportedly called Wonderlands.


Codenamed Daffodil, the Wonderlands game is said to star Tiny Tina, though there’s even more reason to believe this one is true.

Gearbox trademarked Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in 2020.

E3 2021 is coming up fast, so we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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