Marvel's Avengers Drops Denuvo In Latest Update

Denuvo’s aim as anti-piracy technology is to help game publishers protect their games for various platforms such as the PC, console, and mobile. Howeverr, games often drop the tech despite the purpose it serves, which now includes Marvel’s Avengers.

After the game’s latest patch dropped, sized at 1.8GB, reports from the gaming community concluded this. They believe it was the reason why the game's back to having a faster boot time, compared to when it still utilizes Denuvo.

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Marvel's Avengers Patch Notes

In the official patch notes, there was no word about it, and only the additional game content, as well as some fixes, were highlighted. In reality, this is not the first case where an anti-piracy technology was dropped because of some issues it may cause to the overall performance of games.

These include stuttering issues from Resident Evil Village and disabling the Mac version of Metal Gear Rising. As much as publishers want to integrate additional tech to protect their games against piracy, this means they would opt not to use one, since it affects their games in various cases.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer for the latest skin in the game which is the ‘Marvel Studios’ Black Panther’ outfit:

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