Guardians Of The Galaxy Developer Reveals How Each Hero Was Designed

Crystal Dynamics has given us new insights on how they've developed their Guardians of the Galaxy hero designs. Aiming for a familiar yet unique approach, art director Bruno Gauthier-Leblanc kicked off this new video series with Star-Lord/Peter Quill.

Confirming Crystal Dynamics tried incorporating a "space pirate" look, Gauthier-Leblanc also describes Quill as a child of the 80s, explaining his design specifically touches upon that theme. From "his haircut to his pins", they've tried replicating that aesthetic.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Developer Reveals How Each Hero Was Designed

Since then, we've also had two other videos. As you can watch below, Drax and Gamora got a combined video, telling us how Drax showcases his life story through tattoos. As for Gamora, Crystal Dynamics wanted to make her "the most dangerous woman in the galaxy."

Finally, the last video focused on everyone's favourite duo, Groot and Rocket. Calling Rocket "the easiest one to nail, as a design" because of how upfront Rocket is in his likes, Gauthier-Leblanc explains that Groot was actually the hardest. Wanting to give him more armour plating "like a big mech", his design ultimately compliments Rocket's gameplay style.

Source: TheGamer via Twitter

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