Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Features Chris Pratt As Star-Lord In This Stunning DeepFake

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game by Square Enix has great character models for the characters. But, just like Marvel's Avengers, we also wish we could make them more like their MCU counterparts. Someone has done this, and the result is stunning.

Chris Pratt plays Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, in the MCU movies. Deepfake technology was used to add Chris Pratt's face to the Star-Lord model in the game, and it is a step in the right direction. Besides looking terrifyingly accurate, it suits the character almost better than the original.

Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't look as good as Chris Pratt

Besides being a charming man, Chris Pratt possesses an equally charming personality. He was the perfect casting choice for Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. There are so many Star-Lord fans who aren't pleased with the new version, and it's understandable. When something is perfect, it's hard to replace it.

Even though most of the character models look perfect, some fans are disappointed in how Star-Lord looks in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. The new version of Star-Lord not only lacks goofy jokes and takes a more serious approach in the trailer, but his appearance has been criticized. Many jokes have already been made online about his facial features and hairstyle.

He looks awfully like Jake Paul, and that is not a good thing. A character like this must look like a genuine guy who doesn't take things too seriously, and they completely missed this point. Eidos Montreal does not seem to have handled the role as well as Chris Pratt did.

YouTuber StryderHD has created a deepfake of Chris Pratt to pose as the in-game character, attempting to correct what fans are seeing as a problem.

Despite being a deepfake, Chris Pratt looks incredibly convincing on the character model. Star-Lord's voice breaks a part of the illusion; it doesn't sound like his usual tone or pronunciation. Still, it's fun to see the version of the character fans are already familiar with and love being playable in the game.

It's okay that Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't have Chris Pratt

StryderHD starts Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy demo with a discussion on which team members will be 'sold.' Next, the deepfake maker skips to the end, where Star-Lord changes his mind and chooses Groot. Close-ups of Pratt's face once again prove the effectiveness of the deepfake.

It's okay to want to play as Chris Pratt, but we can't at launch. I am sure that there will be mods to change faces, among other things, but until then, fans have to get used to the new Star-Lord. Honestly, he may not be as good, but he's not ruining the game.

Playing Guardians of the Galaxy still looks like a lot of fun. I am excited to play as Star-Lord in this version, and indeed, anyone else should do the same. Still, I will immediately change the model when we get Chris Pratt's mod.

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