Does Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Have Multiplayer?

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With Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy now announced and coming out in October, questions are still being raised about what kind of experience it is. One of those questions is "Does Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy have multiplayer?" Well, lets delve in and see...

Guardians Of The Galaxy Multiplayer

Guardians Of The Galaxy from Eidos Montreal will not have multiplayer, it is a single-player adventure where you play as Star Lord.


In fact, the experience is completely played from Star Lord point of view, you won't ever be playing as any of the other Guardians, like Drax, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Mantis.

Given the experience is this kind of hand, crafted adventure, it also means that we won't see multiplayer added in the future. However, there is always a chance for Eidos Montreal to implement something, such as a multiplayer DLC, down the line after the game has released.

Multiplayer was originally intended for the game, but was actually cut from the game (which was revealed to us by a LinkedIn profile from the game's former Online Gameplay Director).

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