Marvel's Avengers July Roadmap Takes a Slight Detour

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Crystal Dynamics updated the Marvel’s Avengers July roadmap with some changes to multiplayer ahead of the big Wakanda DLC release.

The new updates will replace Patrol Mode, which is set for release after the Wakanda update now.


One of the major new additions is Omega Level Threat missions, intended as some of the most difficult end-game content added so far.

Omega Level Threat Family Reunion is a “chaotic fight” against the Super Adaptoid, but this time it has a number of new abilities.

Multiplayer Mega Hives are finally being added in July as well, though Crystal Dynamics didn’t say exactly when in July these updates will take place.

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Marvel's Avengers July Roadmap Takes a Slight Detour

The last update is making a feature from the Tachyon Anomaly permanent: the option to play as the same heroes during multiplayer.

Matchmaking and Strike Teams will continue supporting multiple of the same hero moving forward, and Crystal Dynamics said they’ll share more information about it before the feature goes live in July.


All this is ahead of the Black Panther DLC release in August.

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[Source: Crystal Dyanmics]