Marvel's Avengers Free Item Is Guardians of the Galaxy themed

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel's Avengers are published by the same company, but there has been some distance between them. Eidos Montreal, the company behind Guardians of the Galaxy, created the distance. Much to fans' excitement, they continued to confirm that they were making a game that was the complete opposite of Marvel's Avengers.

In contrast, Marvel's Avengers creator, Crystal Dynamics, is closing that gap. There is a new item in Marvel's Avengers that can be enjoyed by fans that directs their attention to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Currently, you can download the item for free.

Marvel's Avengers Adds Free Guardians of the Galaxy Item

Square Enix appears to be celebrating the announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy by giving Marvel's Avengers players a free item. Guardians of the Galaxy nameplates are available for Marvel's Avengers players. You have until July 1st to take advantage of this offer, so those who want Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and Drax on their profile should plan to get started as soon as possible.

The process of claiming this item is straightforward. Visit the in-game store in Marvel's Avengers to claim it. In the cosmetics menu, players can then assign the nameplate to their profile.
I must admit that this is a pretty lackluster reveal. As opposed to a simple nameplate, I was expecting something more cosmetic or valuable in the game. Yet, lackluster is precisely how many fans feel about Marvel's Avengers, so it makes sense.

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Join Guardians of the Galaxy resistance! Which directly helps Marvel's Avengers

There are some rumors that fans may go back into Marvel's Avengers just to download the Guardians of the Galaxy nameplate. In this way, they are stating Guardians of the Galaxy is better, and they would prefer a nameplate from Eidos Montreal over Crystal Dynamics. This is a pretty intricate strategy, but everyone ends up winning.

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Regardless, it's free, so don't delay - pick it up before July 1st.

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