Marvel's Avengers Adding New Patrol Mode

Marvel's Avengers is getting a new Destiny-style Patrol mode that will allow Earth's Mightiest Heroes to stretch their legs.

The new mode will be available in the Wasteland Biome and will allow players to run riot, completing assignments and harvesting materials at their leisure.

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Marvel's Avengers Adding New Patrol Mode

It's another page out of the Destiny playbook, but it has some limitations here. The first is that the Wasteland is, well, not the most exciting of areas – and that's saying something in Marvel's Avengers.

While Destiny patrols aren't the most exciting, you can at least hop from planet to planet. Grounding our superheroes in this orange-hued wasteland isn't going to bring lapsed players back, but it'll at least make grinding for materials and currencies (of which there are many) that little bit easier.

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"I feel for Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics because they've launched a live-service game in the middle of a pandemic, and I think things would be different with a shorter development pipeline", we said.

"In a world where next-gen enhancements hit a few months ago and Black Panther drops this month, I think it'd be a different story. For now, though, it feels like a game treading water – and it'll be fascinating to see if Marvel's Avengers sinks or swims."

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