Marvel's Avengers 1.5 Patch Notes: What To Expect, Including Hawkeye, PS5 and Xbox Series X Updates, and More

Marvel's Avengers has had a rough time so far, and its next big update could be a great chance to bring players back to the four-player smash-em-up.

It's no guarantee, though, but if nothing else, the update will add content, next-gen improvements, and some other changes.

Here's all we know.

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Marvel's Avengers 1.5 Patch Notes

While we don't have the full notes, here's what we know so far.

Patch Date

The patch will roll out on March 18 on all platforms.

New Content

  • The update will introduce Hawkeye, the game's second DLC character.
    • Hawkeye's story, Future Imperfect, will introduce Maestro as a new villain, a new campaign, and a new Wasteland biome.
  • Customisable HARM Rooms are also coming which introduce varying degrees of difficulty.
  • Players will also finally be able to replay the original campaign.

Next-Gen Enhancements

As we reported last month, the 1.5 update will bring the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

While the Xbox Series S will be limited to 1440p, the PS5 and Series X versions will run at up to 4K.

Players can prioritise frame rate or resolution, the former targeting 60 FPS.

The best part? Square Enix says that the new console's SSD storage will shrink the game's glacial loading times.

"The game utilizes the consoles’ built-in SSD for dramatically faster loading and streaming times and takes advantage of their graphics power and memory to deliver higher-resolution textures, farther draw distances for high-resolution models, improved heroics and armour destruction, and other enhancements that leverage the full might of these new consoles to make gamers truly feel like a Super Hero," a press release reads.


The game's controversial new levelling system will be added as part of this update.

We'll update this as new info arrives, and Square Enix has also released a sizeable blog post.

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