Marvel's Avengers Has Lost 96% Of Its Players Since Launch on PC

Marvel's Avengers has lost 96% of its player-base on PC, according to Steam player stats.

After losing 87% in October, only 752 players have logged in during November so far.

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Marvel's Avengers Has Lost 96% Of Its Players Since Launch

The bad news keeps coming for the live-service superhero title, which launched to middling reviews.

Last month, the developer noted that the PS5 and Series S/X optimised versions of Marvel's Avengers have been delayed until 2021, while the upcoming release of Kate Bishop has also been pushed back.

The game's PC version had a lot of issues at launch that have been ironed out with patches in the weeks since, but it's likely that the game has seen similar drops on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The PS4 version is due to receive Spider-Man as an exclusive character in the coming months, something fans have been disappointed with on Xbox and PC.

Considering the game's position as a multiplayer-focused title, the game has already seen some issues with matchmaking times as there are fewer players to play with.

Publisher Square Enix reported an almost $50 million loss for the quarter in which the game launched (thanks Eurogamer), leaving many fans to wonder if the game will enjoy the full slate of promised DLC.

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