Marvel's Avengers Next Big Villain Could Be Ultron, According To New Leaks

Marvel's Avengers got a new 2021 roadmap last week, and Crystal Dynamics has begun teasing its next villain sector, but a dataminer has looked further.

According to the game's most prolific data miner, Miller, the next villain after Klaw could be none other than Ultron.

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Marvel's Avengers Next Big Villain Could Be Ultron

While we know that Klaw will arrive alongside Black Panther later this year, Miller notes that they've found hints at Red Hulk, too, but that appears to be somewhat of a dead end for now.

"The only upcoming bosses I've observed progress on post-launch are Klaw and Ultron," a tweet reads.

"Red Hulk exists but hasn't been touched in ages. He may have been abandoned like War Machine, though I suspect aspects of him live on in Fire Adaptoids and Abomination."

Miller also notes that there are references to a "Kree Boss", but no further information on Loki.

Earlier this week, Miller uncovered information pertaining to the Lifeline Tablet, a new artefact.

"I reported back in December that these were the unreleased major artifacts finished or nearly finished: Hank Pym Portal Device, Lifeline Tablet, Talisman of Spectacle, Vishanti Appendix, Essence of Ancient Winter, and Staff of Khonsh," a tweet explains, explaining that we've only seen two of these released so far.

"Lifeline Tablet seems to be a Cloning Lab drop. That leaves Talisman of Spectacle, Essence of Ancient Winter, and Staff of Khonshu," they expanded.

"Seeing Kimoyo Beads and Kimoyo Card further down the line in progress suggests the remaining 3 may well come before Wakanda."

For those wondering, Artifacts are equipable pieces of gear that boost stats and allow for different gameplay bonuses.

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