Marvel's Avengers New Update Adds New Omega-Level Threat and Loot

Ahead of next month's Black Panther expansion, Marvel's Avengers is getting another mid-sized content drop today, July 27th, developer Crystal Dynamics announced via a new blog post.

Focused around a new Omega-Level Threat (read: endgame content), players will need their wits about them - as well as a Power Level of 145 and above.

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Marvel's Avengers New Update Adds New Omega-Level Threat and Loot

The new Omega-Level Threat, Family Reunion, is a reprised version of the same mission in the Taking Aim Operation.

Again, players will team up to take on the Super-Adaptoid, only this time it's learned a few more tricks. There are also Attrition, Overshield, Meridian and Supercharged modifiers active.

The good news is that you can earn the following for successful completion each week:

  • Omega Exotic Gear (Melee/Ranged)
  • Omega Exotic Gear (Defense/Heroic)
  • 1 Epic Cosmic themed Minor Artifact
  • 25 Polychoron
  • 50 Upgrade Modules

Players can also earn ISO-8 and Upgrade Modules for further completions. As for the Omega Exotic gear, it'll pack a series of Cosmic Perks.

The update will also add Multiplayer Mega Hives, which were conspicuous by their absence previously. Players will be able to start Multiplayer Mega Hives by jumping into a new mission, with Hivemind Gear up for grabs.

Priority Missions will now drop Exotic Hero Set gear from Mega Hives. "To make this content more compelling, we are combining the missions into a single weekly mission that will be higher Power Level to offer players more of the challenge they are asking for", the blog post explains.

Finally, following the Tachyon Anomaly event, players will now be able to play as whichever hero they want on a permanent basis.

For more on Marvel's Avengers, we now know that Christopher Judge of God of War 2018 will voice Black Panther in the game's upcoming expansion.

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