Super Nintendo World Florida Officially Opening in 2025

We've got some awesome news for Nintendo and Mario fans!

The new Super Nintendo World is opening in Florida with multiple rides and venues based on Super Nintendo characters.

Unfortunately, the park won't open for a few years but that doesn't mean we aren't excited.


The park will open with a host of rides focussed around characters from the Super Nintendo Universe. 

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We know there'll be a Mario Kart ride which will allow you to race against your friends and truly see who is fastest.

Yoshi's adventure will let you follow Yoshi and Toad on their journey to get treasure. There will also be a host of rewards and surprises for those on board the ride. 

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There will be so much more for guests to explore at the new theme park, including challenges involving keys and stamps. 

How to get Tickets

To go to Super Nintendo World, you'll have to prebook. 

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As the theme park is associated with Universal Orlando, you'll likely need to purchase the tickets from their site.

Opening Date

The Super Nintendo World opens at the Universal theme park in Orlando Florida.

There is no confirmed launch date as of now, but as we get closer to the launch date we'll get more information. 

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As of now, we know the park will be ready for 2025. Fingers crossed it'll be open for a hectic summer!

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