Paper Mario Speedrunner Breaks World Record By Playing Ocarina Of Time

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Speedrunning games has always been one of the most interesting sub-cultures of gaming.

We have seen known streamers such as xQc, Forsen and Mizkif try their hand at speedrunning, but there are some 'professionals' in terms of speedrunning.

Now, a Paper Mario speedrunner has set a new world record within the game, but has used a glitch previously found in a classic Zelda game.

Here's the new record!



Jcog is the personality who has set the new Paper Mario speed run record, as they posted a video with a time of 54 minutes and 22 seconds, quite the time if we say so ourselves.

Before we get into the glitch they used, be sure to check out their video down below: 


Thanks to a previously discovered glitch within Ocarina Of Time, Jcog was able to overwrite some of the game files which in turn, helped speed up his time.

During the video Jcog noted the following when talking about this glitch: 

We're using ACE in OoT to write code to memory that we can reach with a glitch in Paper Mario after quickly swapping cartridges, and then that code lets us write more code with our filenames that warps us to the end of the game. It probably won't be allowed on the leaderboard (nor should it be), but it's pretty cool.

For those who do not know, the abbreviation 'ACE' stands for arbitrary code execution; which is a term speedrunners use when talking about this feature. 

So, thanks to using one of the most beloved games of all time; Jcog was able to post this impressive time!


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