When is Super Mario 3D All-Stars leaving the Switch eShop?

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When is Nintendo pulling Super Mario 3D All-Stars from the Switch eShop?

If you had any doubts about whether Nintendo intended to honor its promise of ending its Super Mario 35th anniversary celebrations abruptly, the Big N confirmed Super Mario 3D All-Stars will no longer be available for purchase after March 31, 2021.


It should come as no surprise. 

Nintendo said as soon as they announced 3D All-Stars the game would only be around until March 31.

It’s the same time Nintendo plans on removing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light from the eShop as well.

Barring some policy change or new announcement after April 1, it seems Mario fans hoping Nintendo would add Super Mario Galaxy 2 at the eleventh hour have been hoping in vain.


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When is Super Mario 3D All-Stars leaving the Switch eShop?

Retailers will still receive Super Mario 3D All-Stars physical copies up through March 31, Nintendo said, but will no longer receive shipments after that date.

They’ll be available for purchase “or while supplies last,” so it’s worth checking your local game sellers if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet.


However, 3D All-Stars and Fire Emblem aren’t the only Mario game getting removed at the end of March either.

Nintendo will no longer support the online Mario battle royale game Super Mario 35 after March 31, 2021.

Nintendo created Super Mario 35 specifically for Mario’s 35th anniversary celebrations, making the decision to remove it even more bewildering.

Get your online Mario games in while you still can, folks.


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